Monday, January 7, 2013

Portfolio Changes

There are two changes in the Roth Ira today and 1 change in the Taxable Account.

In the Roth:

Purchased 68 shares of KMI @ $36.72. ... Purchased 42 shares of COP @ $59.48.

These two positions replaced BP and NUE.

In the Taxable:

Purchased 23 shares of SO @ $43.85.

This was the result of accumulating $1,000 in cash and SO was due to be added to. SO is now a full position.


  1. Chowder -- Frankj here from Seeking Alpha. I think it was you that recommended Lowell Miller's "The Single Best ..." book. I bought it, arrived today. Looking forward to reading it, and sharing it with my son and daughter. Thanks in advance for the recommendation!

  2. Funny you mentioned the book today. I just pulled it out to re-read for the 20th time. It is so worn out, the binding is coming apart. I have sentence highlights, notes in the margins, you name it.

    Focus on the first 4 chapters. Make sure you understand the concepts.

    1. I am 60, and I worked in a discipline where I had to learn about the power of compounding in college, forestry -- long rotations of timber from planting. Also, the opposite, discounting. And, I've been a regular reader of authors on SA like DVK and others.

      So, I'm not a know-it-all, nor brand new either, the math involved is not foreign to me. I read those chapters, it wasn't all review, but much of what was in there is fleshing out of material mentioned on SA.

      So I'm looking forward to the rest of the book. I plan to have my kids read it. They are 22 and 24, working, contributing to a Roth-IRA. Mutual funds for now while they gain understanding, (Vanguard). This will bring in another point of view outside the box of the financial services industry.

      I've written several investment guidance pieces for them, neither one was able to take a personal finance course in high school or college. Either not offered or so larded up with pre-requisites that it was impossible. This is sort of a pet peeve of mine, that kids get out of high school and in some cases, college, without the faintest idea of how to manage finances.