Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fund Transfers

Today I sold UHT and O in the taxable account. I will now move $5,000 from the taxable account to the ROTH IRA for the 2012 contribution.

The forms will go in the mail tomorrow, so it'll be next week before I get to purchase anything in the ROTH. I am going to repurchase O, but I'm replacing UHT with HCN.

With this month's cash contributions in the taxable account, and a little more than $5,000 from the sale of UHT and O, there was a little over $1,000 in cash left. I purchased 12 shares of LMT with those funds. LMT now has 33.574 shares.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A ROTH Transfer

On Monday, Jan 17, O will pay a dividend. On Tuesday, that dividend will be reinvested. Once that process takes place, I will sell both O and UHT in the taxable fund and transfer the proceeds to the ROTH IRA.

I will purchase O in the ROTH and I will probably go with HCN as opposed to UHT.

UHT has performed well, but I'm concerned about one of their clients representing too high a percentage of their portfolio. Since the objective is to try and hold these companies for a long period of time, I want to eliminate the risk of holding a company that depends too much on one customer.

HCN is in the same sector as UHT, so I get the same diversity with regard to sectors.

All dividends are being reinvested and HCN provides a 5% discount on the reinvested dividend. So, over time, those discounts will add up.

Monday, January 2, 2012

January Expected Dividends

January is usually a slow month for dividends. Here is what is expected for this month:

1/1 ADP - $14.70
1/3 PEP - $16.48
1/4 KMB - $17.67
1/10 MO - $40.12
1/10 PM - $24.15
1/17 O - $11.04
1/27 SYY - $16.48

Total amount is expected to be $142.64.

The amount for January 2011 was $102.18. So, we're looking at an increase of 39.6%, a good start for 2012.